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3/29/17 06:38PM

Acclaimed New Novelist Robert Martin Bishop at Book Signing for Local Authors

Meet the author of the next "It" book. I, Jetebais combines the excitement of The DaVinci Code with the relevance of The Shack. Will be signing copies.

Robert Martin Bishop's father chose the ministry over a career as a professional hockey player and took his calling very seriously. Bishop grew up under the weight of being a "preacher's kid" in 1960's Connecticut and learned how serious it was to make choices. During a college writing assignment, Bishop began the story of Jetebais - a fallen angel having a discussion with God. After a career in sales and then in teaching, Bishop completed his novel about choices, regrets and redemption.

Can there be redemption after rebellion?

Human arrogance, the current and past Popes, and the Eternal Struggle of Good versus Evil collide in this contemporary suspense novel. Jetebais is a fallen angel who left heaven of his own volition when Lucifer and the other fallen angels were cast out and is seeking a way back by confessing to a priest named Thaddeus. He chooses a seemingly ordinary priest to hear his confession with the ultimate plan to shield mankind should Satan learn that Jetebais and Thaddeus are exposing him. The priest agrees to become Jetebais' confessor and their harrowing, suspenseful journey as Jetebais acts a "double agent" leads them to an explosive finish filled with Popes, fiends and fireworks.

As relevant to today's times as The Shack and already garnering acclaim in the book industry, be the first local news outlet to review this book and interview Robert Martin Bishop.


Garnering critical acclaim in the book industry, be the first

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